Floaters + Flashes


Floaters are the small specks, dots, or lines that sometimes float into your field of vision. They may be accompanied by flashes of light, and look like they are in front of your eye and blocking your field of vision, but they are actually floating inside. What you’re actually seeing is the shadow of tiny clusters of cells inside the vitreous that fills your eye.

Where Do Floaters and Flashes Come From?

The vitreous gel inside of the eye can thicken and shrink as we age, sometimes resulting in clumps or strands that we perceive as floaters. If when the vitreous shrinks it stays partially attached to the retina, it can sometimes tug on it, which causes flashes.

Other causes include any trauma or damage to the eye, migraine headaches, or retinal detachment. While floaters and flashes can be very common and harmless, if they’re caused by trauma or retinal detachment, they may be much more serious and require treatment to prevent loss of vision.

Treatments for Floaters and Flashes

Most frequently, floaters are not a sign of any serious problem, and need to only be monitored to ensure they aren’t increasing in number or size over a short period of time. However, if floaters are accompanied by flashes, it may be a sign of a detached retina, a more serious condition that may require treatment.

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