Pterygium Specialist

Eduardo Besser, MD

Ophthalmologist & Eye Surgeon located in Culver City, CA


Pterygium is a growth of pinkish tissue on the inner corner of the eye. It may start off and begin quite small, but can grow and potentially cover part of the cornea and affect your vision. In many cases it is not serious, but can be irritating and feel like you have something in your eye.

Causes of Pterygium

Pterygium can be caused by irritants like exposure to sunlight, wind and dust, or from having chronic dry eyes.

Prevention of Pterygium

Protecting your eyes is the easiest way to avoid pterygium from developing. Wearing sunglasses when outdoors helps protect against exposure to sunlight, and irritants like dust and wind. Eye drops can help keep the eye clean and lubricated, and protects against dry eye.