Cataract Surgery Recovery

Wondering how long cataract surgery recovery takes?

For most cataract surgeries performed in our clinic, the patient goes home soon after the intervention with no patches or eye coverage.

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What To Expect

Medical and lubricating eye drops are started on the day of the cataract procedure, and most people can expect their vision to improve immediately or within a few days.

Dr. Besser or a member of his staff will call patients later in the day after their cataract removal procedure to check-in and ensure they are doing well.

Typically, you’ll see your eye doctor a few times after the surgery. Dr. Besser will schedule each patient for a follow-up appointment and healing check at one day, one week, and one month after surgery. This applies not only to cataract surgeries, but to all procedures whenever possible.

To prevent the risk of infection, eye pressure, or inflammation, Dr. Besser recommends patients apply antibiotic eye drops and anti-inflammatory medications during the cataract surgery recovery phase.

What Is The Average Cataract Surgery Recovery Time?

Recovery from cataract surgery is short. Many patients experience improved vision immediately once the surgery is completed.

Sometimes, while your eyes heal and adjust, your vision may be blurry. Most people’s vision will be markedly better the day following surgery.

Depending on the nature and severity of their cataracts, some patients may require several days for full visual recovery following cataract surgery.

Expect to feel some mild irritation and/or foreign body sensation for a short time afterward, and be prepared to experience colors as brighter than before, since a cataract usually alters the appearance of colors.

Once your intervention is completed, you’ll see the world through a new, clear lens.

How Long Until Full Recovery?

Although visual recovery from cataract surgery depends on the patient’s individual healing process and eye conditions, usually by their one-week post-op appointment their vision is excellent.

In general, complete healing occurs within three to four weeks.

If you experience any of the following during your cataract surgery recovery, contact our office immediately:

Venice shadows

To learn more about cataract surgery recovery, or to schedule a consultation to find out if you’re a candidate for cataract surgery, contact our offices today.

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