Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition in which the eye is not able to produce enough tears to sufficiently lubricate the eye.

These tears, necessary for your eyes' health, are in charge of lubricating the eye, sweeping away foreign objects, and reducing the risk of infections.

Dry eyes

Symptoms Of Dry Eye

Dry eyes may feel like one of the following:

  • Itchy, stinging, or burning sensations

  • A feeling of something in the eye

  • Blurred vision

  • Watery eyes

  • Light sensitivity

Causes Of Dry Eye

Dry eyes can occur when the eye produces either an insufficient amount of tears, or tears of insufficient quality to do their job.

Being exposed to dry air (like on an airplane or air-conditioned room), or staring at a screen for an extended period are two common situations where people experience dry eyes.

However, hormonal changes and other factors can also alter your eye’s protective membrane.

If this situation is recurring, it’s best to consult with your ophthalmologist's office and get a thorough eye examination.

Not Enough Tears

Tear production can reduce with age, or as a result of other medical conditions or medications.

Poor Quality Tears

Tears are made of water, oil, and mucus. If the three components are not in balance, tears will not function properly, resulting in dry eyes.

The key to treating dry eyes is to ensure proper lubrication to reduce symptoms and ensure vision is not impaired.


Treatment Of Dry Eye

Adding Artificial Tears

Over-the-counter artificial tears can be used regularly to treat mild cases when the eye is not producing enough tears.

If your eyes are irritated and red, it's not recommended for you to use drops labeled "redness relieving" or claiming to remove redness. These drops do not treat anything medically and can sometimes worsen the situation.

Feel free to bring eyedrops to your appointment to show Dr. Besser if you're not sure.

Increase Tear Production

Dr. Besser can prescribe eye drops that increase tear production.

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If the symptoms of dry eye are disturbing you or keep reoccurring, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us today. We look forward to welcoming you.

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