Old man learning about wet vs dry macular degeneration

Wet vs. Dry Macular Degeneration: What Are The Differences

Dec 20, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Find out how to diagnose and treat both wet and dry macular degeneration.

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How does vuity eye drops work for senior couple

Understanding VUITY™ Eye Drops: How Do They Work

Dec 10, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Learn how these FDA-approved eye drops for presbyopia are helping patients achieve freedom from reading glasses.

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Woman wondering what to ask her lasik surgeon

8 Questions To Ask Your LASIK Surgeon During Your Consultation

Nov 20, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Don’t forget to ask your LASIK surgeon these 8 important questions during your consultation or before the procedure.


November is diabetic eye disease month

Diabetic Eye Disease Month: How Diabetes Can Affect Eye Health And Vision

Nov 10, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team

To celebrate diabetic eye disease month, discover how diabetes can affect eye health and vision.

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halloween eye safety

Spooky Safety Tips For Eyes: Keep Your Eyes Healthy And Safe This Halloween

Oct 20, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Enjoy a fun and safe holiday with these spooky Halloween eye safety tips.

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eye care advice for world sight day

World Sight Day: Top Vision And Eye Health Advice

Oct 10, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team and 
Besser Eye Care Team

Celebrate World Sight Day with the Besser Eye Team’s top tips for better vision and eye health.

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Glaucoma vs cataracts in old age

Glaucoma vs. Cataracts: Differences, Treatment Plans, And What To Expect

Sep 20, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Glaucoma and cataracts are two common and potentially serious eye conditions. Learn the key differences you need to know.

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PRK Recovery Times & Doctor’s Tips To Heal Faster

Sep 10, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Find out what to expect in the days and weeks following surgery in our guide to PRK recovery.

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Refractive surgery in helping patients see better

Refractive Eye Surgeries: 5 Interesting Facts To Know

Aug 20, 2022
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Not all refractive surgeries are the same. Learn 5 important facts patients should know before choosing a procedure.

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