Man seeing an ophthalmologist for diabetes

Diagnosed with Diabetes? See an Ophthalmologist

Oct 09, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Learn when to see an ophthalmologist for diabetes, how to prepare for your visit, and what to expect in the office.

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Man thinking about laser cataract surgery vs traditional

Benefits of Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery vs. Traditional Cataract Surgery

Sep 17, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Make a more informed decision for clear vision. Learn the differences between laser cataract surgery vs. traditional surgery.

  • Cataracts

Man with dry eyes on accutane

Can Accutane Cause Dry Eyes?

Sep 04, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Many patients looking for acne relief experience dry eyes on accutane. Learn more about the medication, dry eye symptoms, and treatment options available.

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Man thinking about healthy aging month

September Is Healthy Aging Month: Maintaining Your Eye Health As You Age

Aug 20, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Celebrate Healthy Aging Month with these age-related eye care tips.

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Girls learning about preventing lesions of the eye

Lesions Of The Eye: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

Aug 10, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Learn the most common lesions of the eye and the symptoms, causes, and treatments for each.

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Family having best foods for eye health

15 Best Foods For Eye Health: How Nutrition Affects Eyesight

Jul 17, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Proper nutrition and healthy vision go hand and hand. Here are the 15 best foods for eye health

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Woman thinking of getting lasik with astigmatism

Can You Get LASIK With Astigmatism?

Jul 10, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

LASIK is a popular treatment option for patients with astigmatism. Learn more about the condition, the surgery, and what to consider before having LASIK with astigmatism


Uv light damage protection

UV Safety Month: How To Protect Your Eyes From UV Light Damage

Jun 26, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Celebrate UV light safety month by learning how to protect your eyes from UV light damage

  • Eye Health

Eye injury prevention during ski

Eye Injury Prevention While Playing Sports

Jun 05, 2023
 – Besser Eye Care Team

Safely enjoy your favorite sports and outdoor activities by learning these eye injury prevention tips.

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