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Not all cataract surgeons are the same. Find out how to choose a cataract surgeon you can trust, and learn what questions to ask before surgery.

How To Choose a Cataract Surgeon


Patients have many options when choosing an eye doctor in Los Angeles, as the city is home to some of the best cataract surgeons in the world. 


To start the process of identifying the best cataract surgeon for you, it’s critical to find someone with impeccable training, experience, and clinical reputation. 


Questions To Ask Surgeons Before Cataract Surgery: 

  • Is this eye surgeon board-certified and trained at top-quality, accredited educational and medical institutions?
  • Has this surgeon performed a high number of relevant eye surgery procedures with a track record of positive outcomes?
  • Is this surgeon highly regarded by cataract patients, peers, and referring physicians alike?
  • Are there any records of disciplinary action taken by the state medical board or lawsuits filed against this physician?


Best-in-class Cataract Surgeons Should Fulfill These Additional Criteria:


Do I feel safe, comfortable, and respected in this office? 


Is this doctor listening to my priorities, concerns, and goals? Do I feel they are incorporating them into a medical plan customized for me? 


Did this surgeon perform a thorough screening of my vision to ensure that I’m actually an appropriate candidate for this procedure? Or does it feel as though they’d recommend this surgery to anyone?

Transparency And Integrity

Is the surgeon being clear and honest about which surgical elements are required, and which are optional upgrades? Are they making an effort to explain why the procedure is necessary and what outcomes are realistic?

Staying Current

Advances in ophthalmology are constantly evolving. Is this surgeon engaged with teaching institutions? Are they committed to continuing education to stay on top of emerging science, technology, and best practices?


Are they making clear what I can expect not only on surgery day, but the day after and further along the cataract surgery recovery phase? 


Will my surgeon be performing my postoperative visits, or will these be handled by an optometrist or associate?


When in doubt, the gold standard when selecting amongst cataract surgeons should always be: would I trust this person to operate on someone I care about?  


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