Refractive Lens Exchange Recovery


For most surgeries and procedures, the patient will go home after surgery with no patches or eye coverage. Medical and lubricating eye drops are started on the day of the procedure. Dr. Besser or a member of his staff will call patients later in the day after their procedure to check-in and make sure the patient is doing well. 

Dr. Besser tries to see the patient to follow-up and check healing at one day, one week, and one month after surgery for all procedures if possible.  

Refractive Lens Exchange

Visual recovery for RLE is the same as it is for cataract surgery; it’s the same procedure with the lens being replaced for different reasons. Many patients experience improved vision immediately after surgery is completed. Most people’s vision will be markedly better the day following surgery. Some patients may require several days for visual recovery. Visual recovery depends on the patient’s individual healing process. Usually by their one-week post-op appointment their vision is excellent. 

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